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Well-being benefits platform for women
and people with cycles

AI-powered and science-based tool that leverages hormonal fluctuations to support 

well-being and performance

24 hours vs 28 days

A male hormonal cycle lasts about 24 hours. A woman's* average cycle is 28 days. Essence is here to challenge society's default to the 24-hour cycle and help women and people with cycles reach their full potential in the workplace and in life.

Why do we need women's health benefits?

Why do we need women's health benefits?
9 in 10 people
who menstruate
experience stress or anxiety in the workplace because of their period
90% of people with cycles

experience symptoms like pain, headaches, and more during their period

Women are 50%
more likely to suffer stress in the workplace
56% of women
say it is very important for employers to offer menstrual benefits

*When we say women and female, we embrace all menstruating people, gender non-conforming, and LGBTQ+-identified individuals

How it works for people with cycles

Essence empowers menstruating people to improve their mental health, balance hormones, reduce PMS symptoms and boost performance by planning tasks, meetings, fitness routines, and nutrition according to their cycles.

Turn the cycle into a performance-boosting tool

Luteal phase

It’s time for reflection and finishing projects.

Ovulation phase

Best phase for speaking and networking events.

Turn the cycle into a productivity tool

Menstrual phase

It's time to rest and do more introspective work.

Follicular phase

This is the best time to learn and work on complex tasks.

What is inside the Essence App?

Period tracker meets to-do list

Essence algorithms help to optimize schedules according to the hormonal cycle and plan tasks in sync with the energy levels

Menstrual health 

Educational content and personalized recommendations for balancing hormones

Mental health

Mindfulness tools that are tailored to improve women's health and help ease PMS, period pain, and anxiety

1 What is inside the Essence App

How it works for companies

Essence helps pioneering employers foster an inclusive workforce by implementing a menstrual well-being policy and supporting employees with cycles.

Menstrual well-being in the workplace

How can Essence enhance your employee value proposition?


Happier workforce

Positive HR brand

Better employee mental health


Better performance

Higher morale


Lower recruitment costs


Reduced gender gap


Increased staff retention


More inclusive workplace

Empower your people with Essence

Empower your people with Essence


performance level


productive days per year

Give your employees with cycles the essential care they deserve

Menstruation-related symptoms cause decreased performance an average of 23 days per year. Essence is here to change that.

Loved by customers

Ayumi Moore Aoki

Essence is an app that is led by a real purpose: that of helping women to thrive at work and in life. Essence can positively change the daily lives of millions of girls and women that seek personal well-being, self-consciousness, and professional growth.

Ayumi Moore Aoki
Founder & President of Women in Tech
Polina Kiper

I love the idea and realization! I finally found a tool that helps me organize all my tasks and find time in my calendar to do all the things I've been planning for so long such as working out and meditating. Now I work more efficiently and have plenty of time for myself and my family.

Polina Kiper
Strategic People Business Partner at Anheuser-Busch InBev

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Funded by the European Union
Berkeley Skydeck

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