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Digital Self-Care Coach for Girls & Women

Essence helps you turn your periods into productivity and well-being tool

24 hours vs 28 days

Men's hormonal cycle goes about 24 hours. Women's average cycle is 28 days. It's time to give women a tool that fits their needs and stop modeling all lives on a masculine biochemical 24-hour schedule.

Use Your Cycle to Boost Productivity

01 Menstruation phase

It's time to rest and do more introspective work.

02 Follicular phase

Best time to learn and work on complex tasks.

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03 Ovulation phase

The peak of creativity, time for speaking and networking events.

04 Luteal phase

It’s time to wind down, prioritize self-care and solo-tasks.

J.Neuropsychologia.2015.10.016 | Institute of Psychology, SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities

Backed up by Science

Backed up by Science

3 hormones - estrogen, progesterone and testosterone fluctuate throughout the cycle. Research shows that it affects women's:

What is Essence for?

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Period tracker meets to-do list

Follow recommendations based on your menstrual cycle like scheduling creative tasks on the ovulation phase and adjusting sport during periods.

Behavioral psychology meets daily life

Improve all life spheres with expert guidance, build habits and set achievable goals.

Daily planning meets mindfulness

Get all well-being tools that boost productivity in one place - meditations, self-care routines, breathing techniques, and CBT journaling.

How Essence works

It gives a structured micro habits & self-care routine* for girls and women.

*Backed up by Stephen Guise and BJ Fogg (Stanford University) & North Carolina State University


30 min
1st session

  • Setting the first goal

  • Committing to a self-care routine

  • Onboarding via app and audio guide


15 min daily
Me-15 time

  • Getting daily recommendations

  • Working on habits

  • CBT journaling, daily meditation


30 min weekly
Sunday sessions

  • Weekly reflection

  • Audio masterclass with practical exercises

  • Setting the mind to the next week

Loved by customers

Ayumi Moore Aoki

Essence is an app that is led by a real purpose: that of helping women achieve goals and bring positive behavior change. Actions that can positively change the daily lives of millions of girls and women that seek personal well-being, self consciousness and individual growth.

Ayumi Moore Aoki
Founder & President of Women in Tech
Polina Kiper.jpg

I love the idea and realization! I finally found a tool that helps me organize all my tasks and find time in my calendar to do all the things I've been planning for so long such as working out and meditating. Now I work more efficiently and have plenty of time for myself and my family.

Polina Kiper
Talent Acquisition Lead, Europe at Anheuser-Busch InBev
Our mission
To build a world where periods are women's superpower.
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